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Change The Say is A Constant Phenomenon, you will agree with me that the World is Changing Fast bringing Peoples, Ideas And Opinions Alive .

In the sea of information, your voice quickly dissipates. How do you represent yourself and help shape the outcome of events, stories, ideas? Staance is designed to empower all voices while revealing the purest, clearest insights into public opinion – letting you keep your finger on the pulse of the world while helping to shape it express_redYOU SHOULD BE HEARD.

When I first began exploring the concept of STAANCE it was with the realization that in many ways the Internet was becoming just another channel for the same mainstream voices of traditional media. I wanted STAANCE to empower new voices.To do this, we focused on people, and their relationships, and the power of their opinions.

What resulted is one of the most engaging experiences on mobile.



STAANCE GIVES YOU THE POWER TO INFLUENCE THE WORLD ARROUND YOU IN A CREATIVE WAY. WANNA FIND OUT? Go straight up and Download The Greatest Thing to Happen in Communication ACROSS The world Here


Upon signing up, you’ll find yourself swiping through the opinions of thousands of people. One after another, each one more thought-provoking, funnier, more interesting than the last. The bold text will catch your eye, and the range of views will remind you just how diverse this world is. You’ll make new friends, and you’ll learn things you didn’t know about old ones.


You might even change your mind on issues you couldn’t have been more sure about.


Oh and those insights? Imagine the power of connecting millions of opinions in real time all over the world. Comic book lovers are more likely to be republican. They prefer Ford to Chevy, and you’ll find them watching The Walking Dead.


Yes, we scienced the shit out of it.

Staances are 86 characters or less because our brains are faster with small chunks. Binary agree / disagree for the perfect balance of low friction & clarity. Tiered conversations to eliminate noise. Bold, minimalist design for maximum attention. Then we built some cool new tech to make sense of all of it.



Staance puts your finger on the pulse of the world.


Emmanuel Momoh

CEO & Founder

Published: TerahProlixx™

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